Notebooking Round-up For August

by Jimmie Lanley on August 5, 2011

Welcome to the Notebooking Round-up, a list of the latest and greatest notebooking links on the web. Since most homeschoolers are taking summer breaks, I didn’t have much to report in July.

Aadel Bussinger wrote a great article over at Natural Family Today called Notebooking for Beginners.

Along those same lines, I wrote an article at Wizzley called What is Notebooking?

Dinah Zike has created a new website with some fantastic looking products —Notebooking Central. These reproducible books would be fantastic for lapbooking as well as notebooking.

And one more general notebooking link — Notebooking for the Technology Loving Family. This approach is quite different from what we normally do. The writer recommends using digital notebooking instead of physical pages.

Math Notebooking

Geometry Notebooking Pages These are not freebies, but are very affordable (only $3.00) and well-crafted math notebooking pages.

Science & Nature Notebooking

The Holistic Homeschooler shares s curriculum review of Apologia General Science Lapbook Journal. This notebooking resource is a retail product that you may want to consider buying.

All That’s Goood blog has a blog post about nature journals.

There are free printables at Scribd for The Storybook of Science by Jean Henri Fabre.

My Science Lessons Blog appears to be created by a middle school classroom teacher. I love the photos of science notebooks. This page, for example, is about rocks. Scroll below the photos to get lots of free printables.

Another site directed toward classroom teachers is Lab-Aids Institute. Their page on science notebooking has videos to watch in case you are more of a visual person. There are also some nice PDF files. Just remember to adjust what it said for a homeschool approach.

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Eddie August 6, 2011 at 6:11 AM

Thanks for posting these, Jimmie! It’s great to have some new pages to drool over just in time for back to school. 🙂


Michelle August 6, 2011 at 9:20 AM

Hi! Wow.. imagine my surprise to find a recommendation to my review here! Great resources by the way!


Vanessa Pruitt August 7, 2011 at 3:52 PM

Thanks for including an ‘Notebooking for Beginners’ from Natural Family Today!


Melissa Telling August 18, 2011 at 10:40 AM

Those Dinah Zike books look soooo cool (as if I needed something else to tempt me to spend money)! I love how the flaps are just glued to the page rather than being a whole folded mini book. Definate paper saver. I may have to try making some of my own like that, though I’m sure hers are much cooler.


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