This post is by my blogging buddy Becky Spence. See her bio below and be sure to subscribe to her blog, This Reading Mama. She has fantastic teaching ideas! Writing is one of my favorite subjects to teach. While I sometimes use writing prompts and occasionally use copywork, my all-time favorite way to teach writing […]


As parents, we try to teach our kids the difference between needs and wants. Even we homeschool moms have to distinguish between the two or we will end up either overbuying or feeling that our homeschool is lacking. Just because something is convenient or cool doesn’t mean it is a necessity. What You Need for […]


I am generally surprised when I see critics of notebooking. It is such an open-ended method of learning that I can’t imagine why someone would dislike it. It works for all ages, all subjects, and even for reluctant writers. One criticism I see is that notebooking is busywork. Notebooking can be busywork. I will admit […]


A reader asked these questions about storing notebooks. 1. Do you keep your daughter’s notebook from previous years, and if so, how do you decide when to discard them? 2. Where do you store all of your notebooks? I already do some notebooking with my children, and I’m a big fan of the old three […]


Q: How should I plan a notebook? A: Maybe not at all. I don’t know that you need to plan a notebook. I don’t have this kind of thinking when organizing our homeschool. I don’t have a mental image of what the completed notebook will look like a the end of the year. I just […]


The blog post 50 Things to Put in a Notebook continues to be one of the most popular how to posts here at The Notebooking Fairy. This series offers specific examples of those fifty different things. Fifty Things to Put into a Notebook:  Quotations Quotations are fantastic for a notebook because although they are normally short, they hold […]

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This post contains affiliate links. You may know that for our history studies, we take a living books approach, reading quality literature instead of using a textbook. Since early this year, we have been using Heritage History digital eBooks as our history curriculum, first on a Kindle for Ancient Rome, and now on an iPad for the […]


Every homeschool mom knows the power of the Internet to provide instant, free teaching resources. But those resources are only valuable if you can locate them. The Internet is huge, and finding what you need can be a challenge at times, especially if what you want is a bit obscure or very specific. Today’s notebooking […]


Welcome back to the 50 Things to Put in a Notebook Series, based on my popular blog post of the same name. Notebooking is versatile and flexible, so don’t ever feel locked into a certain structure for your homeschool notebooks. Have you ever considered using poems in your notebooks? Fifty Things to Put into a […]


Back when I wrote a guest post for Mary at Homegrown Learners about Getting Started with Homeschooling, there were several great comments and questions to address. Here is one: Our most successful notebook pages are for history, but I have a boy who always wants to make his pictures “silly” which I find very distracting […]