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I received an email from Melissa that reflects a common concern for notebookers. Q: Question I just started incorporating notebooking into our homeschool right before our Christmas break.  When I read what my children (ages 14, 11, 9, & 7) write, I often encounter spelling and grammar errors.  On a writing assignment, I would correct those, […]


Tanya asked a fantastic question in a blog comment that I decided to answer as a blog post. Q: Question “About how much time do you devote to notebooking (especially if you’re starting out with almost 11, 9 and 6 year olds)? It can take us the better part of a school day, and that […]


Q:  What Curriculums include notebooking? A: There are several:  Winter Promise, Mystery of History, Beautiful Feet, Heart of Dakota, My Father’s World, Truthquest and Time Travelers. Notebooking is a fairly common instructional method, and it’s becoming more and more popular. As evidence, see this list of curriculums (curricula) that have notebooking integrated into the plans. The Mystery of […]


I saw an interesting dialogue about Charlotte Mason and notebooking over at Simply Charlotte Mason forum that I’d like to talk about here at The Notebooking Fairy. Many curricula make claims to fitting the CM style since they incorporate notebooking. But does simply having notebook pages make a curricula a CM one? No, it doesn’t. […]


Q: What if my child dislikes both writing and drawing? A: Let your child create digital notebooking pages. Does your computer have a publishing or word processing software such as Publisher or Word? Most children love using the computer to do their work. Below is an example of a notebooking page my daughter created when […]


Q:  What about items that are too small to hole punch for the notebook? How can we put them into the notebook? A: There are two main ways to get small things into your notebooks: 1.  Affix them to something you can hole punch, namely cardstock. You can use paper, but remember that the thickness […]


Q: What about large items? How do I fit papers that are larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches into our notebooks? For example, we like to make timelines and maps on large sheets of paper. Once we used a roll of fax paper for a number line. How can those oversized projects be used […]


Q: Do I need printable notebooking pages at all? A: No, all you need is paper! Above is a good example. In our Metropolitan Museum of Art Page a Day Calendar there was a Da Vinci sketch Sprite wanted to include in her Da Vinci notebooking pages. She simply affixed it to a plan sheet […]