October 31st is the day that Protestant Christians celebrate the Reformation. Martin Luther presented his famous 95 Theses on that date in 1517 when he officially objected to the sale of indulgences by the Catholic church. To honor this great giant of the faith, I created these Reformation Day notebooking pages. Of course, Martin Luther […]


Do you know where January gets its name? It comes from the Roman god Janus who has two faces — one looking forward and another looking back. It’s fitting that our calendar would use Janus to name the first month of a new year. In January we evaluate the past and plan for the future, […]


Since Columbus Day is coming up on the second Monday of October, I added some new holiday pages to the collection here at The Notebooking Fairy. This set of five free printable pages in three line formats features Christopher Columbus, his ships, and the holiday named after him. These are perfect for American history studies […]


Father’s Day may not be top on your list of notebooking topics. But Dad would probably love getting one of these pages all about himself! The first page pictured is a sort of mini-poster where your child can write Dad’s great qualities on the award ribbons. Other Father’s Day themed pages are included for writing […]


When Saint Patrick’s Day rolls around, suddenly everyone claims at least a little Irish blood. I certainly do! In honor of the saint who drove out the snakes, here is a BIG set of notebooking pages. Don’t forget to wear green!


With the year quickly slipping past, it’s time for making new year’s resolutions again. Here are some free printable templates to help you organize your thoughts as you choose goals for the new year. There are two formats, pictured below. These can be used as a quick holiday writing assignment, a goal setting exercise, or […]


Hanukkah is set according to the Jewish calendar, and its dates vary from year to year. 2010 Hanukkah — (sundown to sundown) December 1 – 9 2011 Hanukkah –(sundown to sundown)  December 20 – 28 2012 Hanukkah– (sundown to sundown) December 8-16 2013 Hanukkah — (sundown to sundown) November 27 – December 5 2014 Hanukkah  — (sundown […]

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