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Making and Protecting Holes

If you use three-ring binders for your notebooking, you need a way to hole punch your papers. I love my three hole punch tool.  With one push of the bar, our pages are perfectly punched every time. After our recent return back to America, we had no school or office supplies other than some pens […]

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Glues Versus Adhesives

Did you know that glues and adhesives are not the same thing? Glues are natural and adhesives are synthetic. Examples of Glues tree sap beeswax tar glue made from hooves or animal hides Examples of Adhesives Elmer’s glue rubber cement super glue tape So for notebooking, we definitely use adhesives. My favorite is rubber cement because it is […]

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Fifty Things to Put in a Notebook

Notebooking is so much more than lined pages with a graphic. Here are fifty things — besides lined notebooking pages — that you can put into a notebook. Add some variety to your homeschool notebooks with these options. postcards maps coins & currency postage stamps paperdolls word puzzles jigsaw puzzles flashcards boardgames exploding minibook photographs […]

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