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how to use notebooking in your homeschool

Notebooking With Creative Interviews

Notebooking doesn’t always have to be strict narration. Creative approaches, such as an interview, give variety to your repertoire. A great example is the interview my daughter created after a short living math lesson. We are wrapping up Unit 2 of lessons in which we learned about the googol, a huge number consisting of a […]

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Notebooking for Field Trips

When we go on a field trip, we always come home with a plethora of brochures, post cards, maps, and pamphlets. I usually ask my daughter to use those items to create a field trip report for her notebook. That does two things. It gives them a place to be stored rather than cluttering up […]

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Q & A: What About Small Items?

Q:  What about items that are too small to hole punch for the notebook? How can we put them into the notebook? A: There are two main ways to get small things into your notebooks: 1.  Affix them to something you can hole punch, namely cardstock. You can use paper, but remember that the thickness […]

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Q & A: What About Large Items?

Q: What about large items? How do I fit papers that are larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches into our notebooks? For example, we like to make timelines and maps on large sheets of paper. Once we used a roll of fax paper for a number line. How can those oversized projects be used […]

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