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tips for organizing and implementing notebooking in your homeschool

Poems in Notebooks {50 Things Series}

Welcome back to the 50 Things to Put in a Notebook Series, based on my popular blog post of the same name. Notebooking is versatile and flexible, so don’t ever feel locked into a certain structure for your homeschool notebooks. Have you ever considered using poems in your notebooks? Fifty Things to Put into a […]

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Notebooking in Nature Studies

Do you use notebooking for your nature studies? Most people tend to call nature notebooks nature journals. The idea is the same:  you record what you observed on your outdoor excursions or nature walks.  If you’ve ever been intimidated by nature journals, you need to read my guest post at The Homeschool Scientist titled The Minimalist Guide to […]

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Papercrafts in Notebooks {50 Things Series}

The blog post 50 Things to Put in a Notebook continues to be one of the most popular how to posts here at The Notebooking Fairy. This blog series brings that post into full detail, showing you specific examples of those fifty different things. Fifty Things to Put into a Notebook:  #11 Papercrafts Over the years, we […]

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Notebooking With Little Kids

When I shared a guest post over at Mary’s blog about Getting Started with Notebooking, Corrie asked a great question: Could you go into more detail about notebooking with little kids? Sure! Let’s talk about notebooking for the elementary age. In the photo above, Emma was 6 years old and in 2nd grade. Taking notes […]

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