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tips for organizing and implementing notebooking in your homeschool

Notebooking as the Lesson

Generally I consider notebooking a method of narration, something that is done at the close of a lesson to restate and reinforce what was learned. But sometimes notebooking can be the lesson itself.  An example comes from my daughter’s science lessons. As part of her anatomy studies, she sometimes works on a page from the Kaplan […]

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Respecting Copyright in Your Notebooking Pages Part 1: Derivative Works

Bright Ideas Press recently requested that a blogging mom remove her free notebooking pages because the company felt that they infringed on their copyright of the Mystery of History curriculum. This is an important issue for homeschooling moms. We love to supplement our curriculum with homemade materials — notebooking pages, minibook templates, worksheets, etc. Furthermore, we […]

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Notebooking With Creative Interviews

Notebooking doesn’t always have to be strict narration. Creative approaches, such as an interview, give variety to your repertoire. A great example is the interview my daughter created after a short living math lesson. We are wrapping up Unit 2 of lessons in which we learned about the googol, a huge number consisting of a […]

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