Factors and Multiples Notebooking Pages

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Factors and Multiples Notebooking Pages FREE from the Notebooking Fairy

One of my most popular posts over at Jimmie’s Collage is Living Math with Factors, Multiples, and Primes. To complement the lesson ideas over there, I created these math notebooking pages especially for writing about multiples and factors.

The multiples column on this page is deliberately longer than the factors column because, as you know, “multiples are many and factors are just a few.”

Enjoy your math notebooking!

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Jimmie Quick

Jimmie is now a veteran homeschool mom. Her daughter Emma is a student of the sciences at a large university in Illinois. Her guide to notebooking—Notebooking Success—guides you through notebooking: what it is; how to use it; how it fits a Charlotte Mason, classical, and textbook curriculum; tips for getting the most educational value from it; and much more. It comes bundled with several bonuses, including a small set of generic notebooking pages that can be used with any topic.

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Jan Reply

I have never thought of math notebooking in a binder. In our 4th grade book they make ‘foldables’ which are good but they always get lost and frankly the students never look at them again. A binder makes it easy to use all different kinds of pages that are easy to look back on too. I will be going over your notebook pages to see what else I can use. Thanks for your great work! Lovely!!!!!!!!!!

Emine Zeren Reply

This site is wonderful! I played the Multiple Mania game with my class and they liked it so much they played it during recess. I really like how you offer different ways to teach math, for instance through stories, games, and poems. It really helps integrate all subjects together. I am in my second year of teaching and I really appreciate these resources, they really inspire me to create other activities, thank you so much!

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