Owl Pellet Dissection Notebooking Page

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Owl Pellet Discussion Notebooking Pages FREE from The Notebooking Fairy

I’ve been thinking about birds lately. I’ve got my bird feeder filled with seeds, ready for the winter birds. And I’m looking forward to the Great Backyard Bird Count next year. I almost never see owls, but I know that they are around.

These notebooking pages are designed to be done alongside an owl pellet dissection. We did that science activity so many years ago, but I’d like to do it again.  This time we can use the lab sheet I created and shown below.

This printable record sheet will work best alongside other reference guides such as

  1. Owl Pellet Bone Chart PDF
  2. Owl Pellet Dissection Lab –diagrams of skeletons of six different animals eaten by owls.

Other Great Owl Helps

Have you used the free printables from The Notebooking Fairy in your homeschool?  If so, would you like to be featured in a Show Off post? Email me to find out more.

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Jimmie Quick

Jimmie is now a veteran homeschool mom. Her daughter Emma is a student of the sciences at a large university in Illinois. Her guide to notebooking—Notebooking Success—guides you through notebooking: what it is; how to use it; how it fits a Charlotte Mason, classical, and textbook curriculum; tips for getting the most educational value from it; and much more. It comes bundled with several bonuses, including a small set of generic notebooking pages that can be used with any topic.

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom Reply

We hear owls in our neighborhood and as much as I try we have only seen one with our eyes. They give such a comforting sound to our neighborhood. Great set of pages and I will be linking from my owl OHC.

Jet James Reply

Thanks for the great ideas on owl pellets.

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