Quotations Notebooking Pages

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Quotations Notebooking Pages FREE from The Notebooking Fairy


Hypatia quotation copywork

Example of a Quotation Notebooking Page

Quotations make for great notebooking material.  I included them on my list of Fifty Things to Put in a Notebook for good reason.  You can use them for multiple learning tasks all at the same time.

Today’s free notebooking pages are especially designed for quotations from famous people or excerpts from great literature.



Are you studying a person in history or science? Find a great quote by that person, and have your child copy it. Or are you reading an outstanding book with sections that make you stop and think? Select a portion to record in your notebook.

The PDF notebooking set has four different layouts in two line styles. Each page has room for the quote and  a place for the writer/speaker (either use an image or write the name). At the bottom are more lines for explaining the quotation, defining vocabulary words, or giving background for the quotation.


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Jimmie Quick

Jimmie is now a veteran homeschool mom. Her daughter Emma is a student of the sciences at a large university in Illinois. Her guide to notebooking—Notebooking Success—guides you through notebooking: what it is; how to use it; how it fits a Charlotte Mason, classical, and textbook curriculum; tips for getting the most educational value from it; and much more. It comes bundled with several bonuses, including a small set of generic notebooking pages that can be used with any topic.

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Mirenda Reply

Hi. I’m looking for printable notebook pages with the quote and a picture of the person included. Please help.

Lori Reply

Hello –

Love these ideas. I’ve done things like this in my classroom and am delighted with the variety I’m finding as I start the adventure to homeschool my daughter for 6th and 7th grade. I am, however, finding some very remarkable pages shown as Free but there is no link available to download them. Is there some central place to get them all?

Elizabeth Reply

These are great! Thanks! I have a daughter that resists writing in all forms…except notebooking pages.

Marie Reply

I am unable to download the Quotations Notebooking Pages. Are you able to assist?

    Jimmie Quick Reply

    Thanks for letting me know! I’ve updated the post with the PDF links. Click the thumbnails.

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