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Reformation Day Notebooking Pages

FREE Reformation Day Notebooking Pages from the Notebooking Fairy

October 31st is the day that Protestant Christians celebrate the Reformation. Martin Luther presented his famous 95 Theses on that date in 1517 when he officially objected to the sale of indulgences by the Catholic church. To honor this great giant of the faith, I created these Reformation Day notebooking pages. Of course, Martin Luther […]

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Betsy Ross Notebooking Pages

FREE Betsy Ross Notebooking Pages from the Notebooking Fairy

Another highlight of our trip to Philadelphia was the Betsy Ross house. The actress portraying Betsy Ross did an excellent job educating us about the dangerous act of treason that Ross undertook in crafting an American flag. This printable notebooking page is in honor of that courageous woman from  American history. As always, I love to hear […]

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