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Q & A: What About Silly Notebooking Pages?

Back when I wrote a guest post for Mary at Homegrown Learners about Getting Started with Homeschooling, there were several great comments and questions to address. Here is one: Our most successful notebook pages are for history, but I have a boy who always wants to make his pictures “silly” which I find very distracting […]

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Q & A: Notebooking with a Reluctant Writer

Q: How do you handle a reluctant writer in terms of notebooking? A: By changing the medium or reducing words. Whether the reluctance is because of a learning uniqueness or simply because of personality, the tips below should help. Actually, notebooking has a huge advantage over traditional worksheets and tests in that it is extremely […]

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Q & A: How Many Notebooks?

Today’s Q & A post offers something totally new — a video! Yes, the Notebooking Fairy is now vlogging. (The basic information, in text format, is below for those of you who prefer to read rather than watch.) Q: When using notebooking, how many binders should each child have? Do you combine all the year’s […]

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