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Rotifers Notebooking Pages

Rotifers Notebooking Pages FREE from the Notebooking Fairy

Rotifers are called “animals with wheels” in  A World in a Drop of Water. Here are some free printable notebooking pages you can use when you study these microscopic organisms. As always, I love to hear when you use the free printables from The Notebooking Fairy in your homeschool. If you send me photos, I will […]

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Microscope Notebooking Pages

Microscope Notebooking Pages FREE from the Notebooking Fairy

In our study of the history of medicine, we have covered Anton Van Leeuwenhoek’s invention of the microscope. I’ve created a free set of nine different notebooking pages in three different line styles for all ages of learners. These pages are perfect for writing about the history of the microscope or for recording microscope lab reports. Some […]

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Mosquito Notebooking Pages

Mosquito Notebooking Pages FREE from The Notebooking Fairy

These mosquito notebooking pages are useful for nature study, biology, or as in our case, a study of disease. We just finished reading An American Plague, the story of the Yellow Fever epidemic in Philadelphia in 1793.     I appreciated how An American Plague makes you think as you read. The actual cause of Yellow Fever is […]

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