Notebooking for Field Trips

by Jimmie Lanley on May 18, 2011

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Goodies from a Trip to NYC & Philladelphia

When we go on a field trip, we always come home with a plethora of brochures, post cards, maps, and pamphlets. I usually ask my daughter to use those items to create a field trip report for her notebook.

That does two things.

  1. It gives them a place to be stored rather than cluttering up the house.
  2. It provides a way to review what we learned on the field trip.

For our recent trip to New York City and Philadelphia, I set my daughter loose with all we had collected, some page protectors, cardstock, and basic school supplies (glue, scissors, etc). She organized all our materials, planned how to arrange them on the notebooking pages, and wrote notes about what she saw.

cutting out pictures

Of course, she doesn’t use everything that we bring home. She gets to decide what are the best materials to include. Some duplicate pamphlets or maps can be cut apart to provide pictures for embellishing pages. (Everything else goes in the trash to reduce clutter.)

Do you ever use notebooking after a field trip?

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