Disclosure Policy

The links to products and the ads that you see on The Notebooking Fairy do have affiliate links. That means that when you click on those links and buy something, I get a small commission on the sale. It doesn’t cost you any more or less. It just means that Amazon, for example, gives me a reward (6%) for sending you to their store.

I will not randomly link to products only in hopes of getting that reward. (To be honest, 6% is  just  not worth risking our relationship or my own integrity.) Instead, I will link to products that I genuinely recommend. Almost always they are products that I have used personally.

Feel free to click and window shop. I’m just one mom sharing my favorites with another mom — you. We have to stick together in this homeschooling business. It’s hard work.

If someone gives me a product to review, I will make that clear in the review. But more often that not, the books I recommend here are ones I purchased myself because I wanted them for my own homeschool.

Retailers with which I have an affiliate relationship

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