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How to Get Started with Notebooking

My blogging friend Mary over at Homegrown Learners asked me to guest post in her Wednesday Homeschool Guest series. I was happy to share about my favorite topic — notebooking. I took the approach of explaining how to begin notebooking from the very start. Getting started is often the hardest part, but notebooking is not complex. Just follow the […]

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Innovative Notebook Ideas

If you’d like to spice up your notebooking with some creative books, watch these videos for ideas. Some of these are fairly ambitious. But if you like to get crafty over the summer, you may be up to the challenge. Tip: Make several blank books and store them away for the fall and spring of […]

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Making a Pocket From an Envelope

Using pockets in your notebooks is a perfect way to store larger items or items that you don’t want to punch holes in. We use a lot of page protectors, but sometimes we make a pocket from a manila envelope. Step One: Get Supplies You need a manila envelope, a ruler, a pencil, scissors or […]

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