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Examples of how the printable pages at The Notebooking Fairy are being used.

Math Notebooking Example: Decimals

Here is another example from Rebecca’s 10 year old son. What amazing math notebooking we see in this example about Adding and Subtracting Decimals. Enjoy this humorous and detailed page and then look at my observations below. My Observations 1. Plain Notebooking Paper Notice that this notebooking page uses nothing fancy — just lined filler […]

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Notebooking Show Off: Book Report Pages

Amy’s seven year old daughter used the book report notebooking page for narrating a novel. You can read more at Narration Questions. Impressive for a secondgrader, to be sure! As you can see, it is a combination of the child’s written narrations and details written by Amy from her daughter’s dictation. Amy also chose to omit the theme section […]

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Show Off: Postcard Notebooking Pages

Wow, I love getting positive comments about the free printables here at The Notebooking Fairy, but to get photos of the printables used by your children is an even greater compliment! Christy’s three children used the postcard notebooking page. Thanks, Christy, for sharing your great images with us. And fantastic job, kids!

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