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answers to common questions about homeschool notebooking

Q & A: What Curriculums Include Notebooking?

Q:  What Curriculums include notebooking? A: There are several:  Winter Promise, Mystery of History, Beautiful Feet, Heart of Dakota, My Father’s World, Truthquest and Time Travelers. Notebooking is a fairly common instructional method, and it’s becoming more and more popular. As evidence, see this list of curriculums (curricula) that have notebooking integrated into the plans. The Mystery of […]

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Q & A: Did Charlotte Mason Espouse Notebooking?

I saw an interesting dialogue about Charlotte Mason and notebooking over at Simply Charlotte Mason forum that I’d like to talk about here at The Notebooking Fairy. Many curricula make claims to fitting the CM style since they incorporate notebooking. But does simply having notebook pages make a curricula a CM one? No, it doesn’t. […]

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Q & A: What About Small Items?

Q:  What about items that are too small to hole punch for the notebook? How can we put them into the notebook? A: There are two main ways to get small things into your notebooks: 1.  Affix them to something you can hole punch, namely cardstock. You can use paper, but remember that the thickness […]

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