Notebooking With Creative Interviews

by Jimmie Lanley on May 20, 2011

Notebooking doesn’t always have to be strict narration. Creative approaches, such as an interview, give variety to your repertoire.

A great example is the interview my daughter created after a short living math lesson. We are wrapping up Unit 2 of lessons in which we learned about the googol, a huge number consisting of a one followed by one hundred zeros.

My Interview with Mr. Googol and Mr. Google

Me: Mr. Googol, how much are you worth?

Mr. Googol: I am one with one hundred zeros behind!

Me: But, Mr. Googol why is Mr. Google named after you?

Mr. Googol: Well, I…..

Mr. Google: I can tell you! When you go to my website, you can find a googol of sites about what you’re looking for!

Mr. Googol: But I, Mr. Google, am not the biggest named number. My brother Googolplex is the biggest! While I am 10100, he is 10googol!

Around her interview, she wrote some additional facts and illustrations. You can see that her clever interview demonstrates what she learned about the googol. It’s far from a direct narration of what we read, but it still conveys the key ideas about the mathematical term.

An interview can be used for any person you’ve studied. But, as you’ve seen in this example, non-living things can be personified for an imaginary interview. Give this option to your children this week and see if they like the interview format.

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