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how to use notebooking in your homeschool

How Good is Good Enough?

No one is perfect, but we certainly should have expecatations of quality work from our children’s homeschool assignments. My daughter’s recent study of Aesop is a perfect example of how the expectation for quality work plays out in notebooking assignments. She read Aesop’s fables and this webpage about Aesop’s Fables. (To give you some reference, Sprite […]

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Using Word Banks for Notebooking

If you use notebooking for narration, you realize that the assignment you are giving your children is quite complex. It’s really a writing assignment in which they have to consider organization, spelling and mechanics, and capitalization as well as the facts they are narrating. One of the things you can do to help your child […]

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Organizing Mom’s Homeschool Notebook

Notebooking isn’t just for the children. A homeschool mom needs her own well organized notebook, too. I have used one ever since my daughter began homeschooling back in Kindergarten. Tips for Setting Up Mom’s Homeschool Notebook Get yourself a fat three ring binder that you can add things to and shift things around in. You […]

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Using Photo Corners in Notebooking

Photo corners are great to have in your notebooking supply cabinet. Besides holding down photographs, they are perfect for postcards and thin brochures or maps. Using photo corners means that the original item is not harmed with tape, glue, or hole punching. It can also be taken off the base and read in its entirety. […]

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