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tips for organizing and implementing notebooking in your homeschool

Top Ten Questions About Notebooking

1. What is notebooking? What a great question! I define notebooking this way. to notebook: (verb) to put written ideas, drawn or printed images, and other relevant things into a notebook as a record of learning; often used in homeschool. For a more in-depth answer, read What is Notebooking?, an article I wrote at Wizzley. […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Notebooking

1. Notebooking works with any curriculum. You do not need to change you curriculum or buy anything new to incorporate notebooking. Study your curriculum as normal and instead of comprehension questions or a worksheet, ask your child to summarize what she learned on a notebooking page. That’s how easy notebooking really is. 2. Notebooking works […]

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Photos in Notebooks {50 Things Series}

The blog post 50 Things to Put in a Notebook continues to be one of the most popular how to posts here at The Notebooking Fairy. So to bring that post to life, I am going to begin a blog series, showing you specific examples of those fifty different things. Fifty Things to Put into a Notebook: […]

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