Roman numerals are tricky, aren’t they? I commonly forget the symbols beyond I, V, and X. These notebooking pages will hopefully help your students learn the Roman numerals once and for all. These free printable notebooking pages can be used with a math lesson or even with a history lesson on Ancient Rome. The PDF […]


Do you remember this quirky sentence, “Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally?” That is the mnemonic device commonly used for memorizing the mathematical order of operations. Parenthesis Exponents Multiplication and Division from left to right Addition and Subtraction from left to right Here is a free, printable notebooking page for writing about the order of […]


In our math history lessons, we came to Stevin and Napier, two mathematicians who were proponents of using a decimal in numeric notation. It’s hard to imagine there was math without the decimal, but it didn’t become standard to use a decimal until 1619 (in England). I created this notebooking page so that Sprite can […]


Tangrams Notebooking Page

by Jimmie Lanley

Today’s freebie is another math notebooking page that you can use along with a study of tangrams. Your children can name the shapes of the seven tans, write about the history of the tangram, and share tips for solving the puzzle.


Math Notebooking Page

by Jimmie Lanley

Do you use notebooking for math? If your children are very verbal, writing about math can cement mathematical concepts for them. If your children don’t like writing, but they do like math, math notebooking can be a sneaky way to encourage them to write. This is a general math notebooking page that can be used […]


One of my most popular posts over at Jimmie’s Collage is Living Math with Factors, Multiples, and Primes. To complement the lesson ideas over there, I created these math notebooking pages especially for writing about multiples and factors. The multiples column on this page is deliberately longer than the factors column because, as you know, “multiples […]