Organizing Mom’s Homeschool Notebook

by Jimmie Lanley on March 23, 2011

mom's notes

My Unassuming But Functional Mom Notebook

Notebooking isn’t just for the children. A homeschool mom needs her own well organized notebook, too. I have used one ever since my daughter began homeschooling back in Kindergarten.

Tips for Setting Up Mom’s Homeschool Notebook

  • Get yourself a fat three ring binder that you can add things to and shift things around in. You will always need a thicker notebook than you expect.
  • If you’re the fancy type, decorate the cover and spine of your notebook. (My notebook could use some fanci-fying.)
  • Stock up on sheet protectors. Go ahead an put a dozen or so empty sheet protectors into the notebook before you even need them. They don’t take up any room at all, and they will already be there when you need one to hold a great homeschooling article, catalog, or checklist.
  • Establish a home for your notebook and always store it there when it’s not in use.
  • Add blank paper to your notebook for journaling. You can record milestones, frustrations, and observations. Even if you lean towards unschooling, a journal has value.

Things to Include in Mom’s Homeschool Notebook

Enjoy your spring and your newly organizing mom planner notebook.

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