Ancient Greek Art Notebooking Pages

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Ancient Greek Art Notebooking Pages FREE from the Notebooking Fairy

I’ve mentioned how much I like the the Art in History series (see the Medieval Art post & this one on Ancient Egypt). We are currently using Ancient Greek Art as a complement to our Beautiful Feet history studies. This living book gives a great overview of the art of Ancient Greece, including sculpture, pottery, mosaics, and architecture.

To go along with that book, I created three sets of notebooking pages for Ancient Greek art. This first set includes the layouts pictured below. There is plenty of blank room for sketching or affixing your favorite Greek art. Of course, these pages are general enough to be used without the Ancient Greek Art book.






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Jimmie Quick

Jimmie is now a veteran homeschool mom. Her daughter Emma is a student of the sciences at a large university in Illinois. Her guide to notebooking—Notebooking Success—guides you through notebooking: what it is; how to use it; how it fits a Charlotte Mason, classical, and textbook curriculum; tips for getting the most educational value from it; and much more. It comes bundled with several bonuses, including a small set of generic notebooking pages that can be used with any topic.

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Bryan Hollis Reply

Hi Jimmie,
I thought I would expand my horizons and get in a little education on something new today. Now your site is very unique and catchy. I see many posts on “Notebooking Pages”. What exactly is this? (At the risk of sounding like an idiot!) Is it related to graphics? Curious….

Ticia Reply

Totally remembering this for next go round of Ancient history.

Julie Reply

Yay!! Thanks Jimmie! I love reading both of your blogs. They are the only blogs that I can type in my browser without having to bookmark.

anita Reply

Hi, I’m really interested in notebooking and looking for inspiration to assist my daughter to both learn and express herself

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