Free Typing Lessons for Kids to Improve Notebooking

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Do you have kids who are reluctant writers because handwriting is a struggle? Are they hesitant to start notebooking because they’re intimidated by writing? Well, typing and notebooking make a perfect pair!

1. Easy Editing

There are plenty of word processing programs and apps that make grammatical and spelling corrections for you as you type. Typing your notebooking pages is an excellent way to get that independent editing practice.

2. Less Pressure

Typing takes some of the stress out of writing. You can easily backspace and delete, make quick changes, and add or remove words and phrases at the touch of a button. The frustration of handwriting is eliminated when typing. No more erasing until your perfectionist has put holes in the pages!

3. Creative Fonts

This is great for kids who may want to get creative with their handwriting, but do not necessarily have the skill or desire to be a calligraphy pro. Typing allows the use of endless font choices, sizes, and colors. Your notebooking pages will pop with the addition of fun and personal font choices.

If you have kids who are reluctant writers, typing lessons could be the trick!

I was compensated for my time in reviewing TypeDojo. All opinions are honest and I was not required to post a positive review.

Free Typing Lessons For Kids

In the age of texting, our kids are fast with their thumbs, but when it comes to actual typing skills, many kids fall short. Here’s how you can give your kiddos some much-needed typing practice for FREE with TypeDojo!

Typing Lessons for Kids

Why Teach Typing Practice?

Build confidence

Typing practice is needed to break some of the habits learned from texting and peck-and-find techniques built over time. It can be discouraging for students when they are required to type reports and papers, but they lack the typing speed or skills needed to complete the task in a timely manner. Daily typing practice leads to strong confident writers who can be proud of their completed works.

Touch Typing

Touch typing lessons teach students how to build typing skills without looking at the keyboard. Eventually, the typist builds muscle memory and learns where each key is located on the keyboard. This technique helps improve speed and accuracy.


Typing practice helps prepare your kids for college and the workplace by giving them a much-needed professional skill. Nothing is worse than entering those first college courses, where lengthy term papers are required, without strong typing skills. Lack of typing practice will slow production way down and create frustration for your kids in the future. Typing skills are also needed to stay competitive in the workplace.


With the touch-typing practice, TypeDojo offers, typists will learn speed and accuracy. Touch-typing is not only a necessary skill for typing those papers, but it also gives students a huge advantage when in the classroom and taking notes on a laptop. We all know how fast those professors talk. When you need to type as quickly you hear, all that typing practice pays off!

Want to see how well you can type?

Try the Speed Typing Test and see! It is a bit addictive. Beware! I bet your kids will love to see how well (or not) they type.

Speed Typing Test


How did it go?

I bet your kids were surprised by how many mistakes they made and how much different traditional typing skills are from texting skills. If you’re looking for an easy way to add typing practice to your homeschool day, TypeDojo is a great place to start. And remember, it’s 100% free!

Could your kids use typing lessons?

It is easy to sign up and they offer games, speed typing tests, and plenty of typing practice fun to keep your kids interested in building this crucial skill. Try it!

Pick a game!

typing game

Select a character.

Choose your typing skill level.

Typing Games For Kids


typing practice games

Why TypeDojo?

The game and typing practice options are engaging and entertaining. Not only are there plenty of games for grabbing the attention of younger kids, but there are also more mature practice options available for older kids too.

There’s also a way to print a certificate of achievement for your child’s portfolio. The perfect addition to their homeschool notebook!

Typing Practice for Kids

This site is great for kids who may not have an interest in typing and need a little extra motivation to hone those typing skills. Games and lessons do not require much time. In most cases, they are only minutes! This is great for kids who are easily discouraged or have a short attention span. Your timid typist will be a pro without even trying after a few weeks of typing practice. There’s also a sister site, KidzType, with plenty more options for typing games and practice fun. Check it out!


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